Monday, February 25, 2008

WWE style presidency

You can say what you want about the President of france, but the dude knows how to make headlines. With his latest PR fiasco (cussin' out a farmer at a fair), he has even sparked some debate regarding exactly what he said (or rather; exactly how to translate what he said). I found this piece in The Guardian to be especially helpful in that regard - video included.

Right about now, President Bush must be thinkin' "Dagnabit - just my luck; why didn't this sumbitch' come along seven years ago?" How many other presidents do y'all know of where the news coverage is not about which promises he or she broke or anything related to policy at all, but regarding what over-the-hill, pass-along, hand-me-down bimbo of the rich and famous he is currently dating/marrying/amusing with all three inches of french fury that is Li'l Nicky, or regarding exactly what swearwords he used to cuss' out one of his citizens in public?

Or is it the other way around - that a few years after President Bush high-tailed it into office, some french rube somewhere in a french village watched President Bush wave at Stevie Wonder (which he did, sadly) on the village television set and thought to himself: "Putain; even I can be ze Presidente. Parce que je le vaux bien"?

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