Thursday, February 14, 2008

The m-factor guitarquiz 8

More songs to figure out in this 8th installment. Bunch of different genres too.

As always, submit answers to mfactorquiz (at) by the end of Tuesday 021908. Each song holds the potential of two points - one point for artist and one point for the song. Answers will be posted on Wednesday 022008.

Song number 36:

Song number 37:

Song number 38:

Song number 39:

Song number 40:


Anders said...

No gear descriptions? I used to read those. No "Ibanez S270 through a Digitech Whammy"? No "Line 6 guitar port"? No "filed down peso as pick"? Not even a "screaming B.C. Rich Warlock"?


Wilhelm said...

....well; the Whammy and Guitarport/Rifftracker and/or FloorPod is what's used each and every time, and truth be told; I don't necessarily remember which axe was used for each song any more - only for a few select ones