Friday, February 15, 2008

Answers - guitarquiz 7

Awright - we've got something goin' on this time for sure. First; here be the answers:

  • Song 31: AC/DC - Hell's Bells. Two of y'all managed to get this one. This is one of the many, many AC/DC songs I don't really like that well, but like most AC/DC tunes, it goes over gangbusters with crowds, so......
  • Song 32: Mike Oldfield - Moonlight Shadow. I can't believe all y'all got this one.... Awesome tune, though, and that "clean", arpeggiated solo is really beautiful.
  • Song 33: Nazareth - Hair Of The Dog. On the other hand, nobody recognized this tune. Hair Of The Dog was among the very first my old band rehearsed back in da day, along with Black Magic Woman by Santana, the G'NR version of Knockin', and some song the first singer made up with the title "Psycho Fuck". Yeah; don't ask... Anyway; I must have sucked bad on the guitar back in them days, as I distinctly recall that moving the riff from A to D (with a position shift) was something I had to focus on. But my guitar sound back then was great - Ibanez Roadstar through a Peavey Bandit........yeahhhhhh
  • Song 34: Alice Cooper - Poison. Fantastic live tune.
  • Song 35: Bruce Springsteen - The River. My fave Springsteen tune, though I never really appreciated it until I took a summer job at a brewery alongside one dude about whom the song could've been written. I'm happy with how the guitar replaced the harmonica here.

Now for the rankings - starting with Scores after round 7:

  1. Sondre (8/10)
  2. Anders/Cedric (tied at 6/10)
  3. ......
  4. Cathy (4/10)

On to the Normalized Scores:

  1. Sondre (7.7 points/Quiz)
  2. Cedric (6.3 points/Quiz)
  3. Torbjørn (6.0 points/Quiz)
  4. Cathy (5.7 points/Quiz)
  5. Anders (5.0 points/Quiz)

...and finally, the Grand Poobah, the Big Kahuna, the Overall Scores:

  1. Sondre (54 points)
  2. Cedric (44 points)
  3. Cathy (40 points)
  4. Anders (35 points)
  5. Torbjørn (6 points)

Congrats to Sondre (once again), and good luck with Quiz 8


Anders said...

Dang, that Mike Oldfield was difficult. I heard through the song several times before the word Shadow appeared in my mind. How easy is it to find a song with the word "shadow" in it? After several more times through the song, I finally thought of the word Moonlight and then it was a breeze. ;-)
Crappy song, but this is one of those annoying ones that get stuck on your brain.

AC/DC - Hell's Bells
Should have gotten that one. Bugger.

Nazarath - Hair of The Dog.
Don't know this song, no chance.

Alice Cooper - Poison
Having a hard time recongnize this one when it's not the chorous. BUt I got it in the end, with a little help... ;-)

The Boss - The River
Not even playing the harmonica part on guitar made any difference: Instant recongizable. Good playing, though.

So, which ones did y'all get this round?


Wilhelm said...

..dude; how can you not have any love for "Moonlight Shadow"....

Anders said...

..dude; how can you not have any love for "Moonlight Shadow"....

Before I answer that: Mike Oldfield isn't dead, is he?

Wilhelm said...

Haven't I made it abundantly clear during the tenure of the last few posts that I don't bother researching that particular aspect of an artist?