Friday, February 1, 2008

Total Logic Dosconnect

After a whole lot of media upheaval, Bjarne Håkon Hansen finally decided to speak up regarding the PhD student about to be thrown out of the country for some unsubstantial bull$hit technicality. His Salomon-like decision: Throw her ass out; we can't alter the letter of the law to accomodate the special needs of one person. For once I actually agree with the Mayor of Trondheim - specifically with what she says here (Norwegian only).

THIS is where Hansen decides to draw a line in the sand? Wouldn't it be more prudent or at least less bone-headed to project this belligerent attititude towards - I don't know - Mullah Krekar?

You know....someone who's actually committed crimes and stuff instead of a grad student with no priors or anything, for whom NTNU by way of her department is actually willing to stand by in any way they can?


Anders said...

Wasn't this case solved and the PhD student could stay? This is just too stupid.

Wilhelm said...

Don't think so - no. Unless I've missed something. What's really messed up - beside the obvious - is that she would have no problem getting a work permit on her own merits simply as a candidate for the PhD study. Here, all that's required is a) good enough grades in relevant topics, b) that she's got a faculty member who's willing to take the responsibility for her studies, and c) that she has no priors. That's it.