Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Yet another outline of a song

Another very rough sketch including main riff, song structure and a fill. Guitar and bass only, and the bass line is beyond rudimentary. Moreover, as this is a more touchy-feely song with a blues type progression, it's slow (75 bpm), and so the bass line is rushed a couple of places. I'm not used to playing this slowly, dammit.

The main riff is approximately exactly the way I want it (with the possible exception of what if any harmonics should be present), and so are the chords in the "main" section. I'm very undecided about the rhythm guitar sound and style, and I'm not sure if drums are needed. Again, keyboards and a proper bass line would be excellent - right Joe? No full-on solo is going to be added until I figure out whether to make this into a regular song (I've got a suitable vocal line worked out) or if it's gonna be a Satch-esque instrumental - I think I could go either way. To the extent you can pinpoint any influences from such a rough demo, I'd say this is very akin to some of the slower Dionysus songs, and I definitely had Olaf Hayer in mind for the vocal line (which conveniently is not included). There's also some Satriani in the lead parts - at least to my ears.


Cathy said...

Very nice W. :). Reminds me of this:

Wilhelm said...

That's very kind of you - thanks. Never listened much to Jeff Beck actually.