Monday, April 27, 2009

Pop Metal demo

Spent about two hours this weekend coming up with and recording the various bits and pieces in this tune.

This tune is me ripping off Trond Holter (nowadays better known as "Teeny" from Wig Wam) who is "being influenced by" Whitesnake-era Steve Vai playing a John Sykes-penned song. With a little bit of "Trash" era Alice Cooper thrown in for good measure. In short, this is so commercial late 80's metal that it could've been on Eurovision. As usual the solo is missing - both because I don't like to add that until the songs is actually done, and because this type of song requires a more Vai approach than I usually go for.


Anders said...

...this is so commercial late 80's metal that it could've been on Eurovision.

I haven't got any speakers at this computer, but give yourself a break, Wilhelm. It can't be THAT bad???

Will have a listen later.

Wilhelm said...

LOL..I see where you're coming from, but the two contributions Wig Wam made to ESC are quality crossover tunes

Anders said...

Very 80's feeling. I think you nailed that part. ;-)
Pretty thight and full sound through-out the song as well.

Wilhelm said...

..not your goblet of chardonnay, I take it? :-)

Anders said...

Let me see. Did your song include one or more of the following points:
- Guitar out of tune
- Out of pitch bending
- Bad timing
- Moaning (Examples: If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all. Or I asked for a drink of liquor, and she gave me gasoline)
- The lyrics "Woke up this morning..."
- Foot stomping
- At least one guy who was alive during the world war. The first one.

I think not.

Wilhelm said...

I see...

I'll try to do better for you next time, boss :-)

Anders said...

That's "masa" in my music...

No, seriously, it's hard for me to sya whether you "nailed" Trash era Alice Cooper or if the song could have been penned by John Sykes. Have no relationship with those artists at all. All I do know is that Whitesnake blows. Big time.

Wilhelm said...

..seeing as how John Sykes penned many a song for Whitesnake you might not want to get aquainted with him and his work. Too bad; dude is a monster guitar player.

..and whaddoyamean Whitesnake sucks? Blasphemer! (not the black metal guitarist)

Anders said...

..and whaddoyamean Whitesnake sucks?

I never said that. Quite the opposite, in fact...

Wilhelm said... bad