Monday, April 6, 2009

Making Hasselhoff look like Ed Norton a hard thing to pull off, but the dumpster-divers who resuscitated Knight Rider and brought the show "into the 21st century" managed somehow. I watched the first ten or so minutes of the pilot, and I just couldn't take it anymore. Funny thing is; I wasn't such a big fan of Knight Rider back in the day, and seeing as how I caught the odd re-run back in Raleigh a couple of years back, I'm fully aware of the quality of the original series. In no way, however, did it suck half as much as the reincarnated version.


Anders said...

I think the main problem with us, chief, is that we only saw the reruns. That's a couple of decades too late. It might have been the coolest thing ever if we saw it when we were teens.

That said, I have no plans whatsoever to see the new version of Knight Rider. Or any more reruns of the old one.

Wilhelm said...

...I guess. It should be said that the reruns of the relatively low-tech original series kick the new version's ass all over Tinseltown.