Monday, April 27, 2009

Bomb Threat Fail

Approximately 1100 students at a high school in Gjøvik were evacuated today following a bomb threat. The bomb threat was issued via email to the principal as well as the local newspaper - the threat itself was formulated with a Byron-esque eloquence:

"Det kåmer til å gå av en bombe i kantina i dag åp gjøvik videregående skolle

den vill dreppe alle syndere og de stygge

den er allerede lagt ut på plassen sin

gled dere!! hahahaha"

No translation would do this text justice.....the sheer number of grievous spelling mistakes alone makes this legendary. The criminal mastermind behind the bomb threat was caught on school grounds, and yes; it was a student at the high school in question.

We REALLY have to improve the quality of education.

Bin Laden Jr.'s explanation for the bomb threat - probably sent from his personal email addy for added Darwin Award points - was that it simply was a prank. Excellent legal strategy.

The fact that 50% of this guy's genes beat all the other sperm cells simply boggles the mind...or speaks volumes about the available genetic material.

If I ever stumble across a time machine, one of the trips I'll take will be to hand out free contraceptives to his parents.


Anders said...

Great photo, there. :-D

It's pretty unbelievable that people at that age don't understand that a "joke" like this will be taken seriously. And have consequences.

Wilhelm said... about demonstrating beyond the shadow of a doubt that you're an imbecile.

Kinda' wish he'd done that (and gotten caught) Stateside though..