Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dealing with reviewers - addendum

As important as what you write in response to what you perceive as unreasonable and pedantic reviewer comments is what you leave out. Make sure to scour your response letter for four-letter words, and pay particular attention to the final phrase before the standard finale which typically goes a little something like this:

Your Name Here".

Avoid ending that final sentence with "..and the horse you rode in on", "..or brake for you if you cross the road" or similar phrases. In general, it's better to write a separate letter if you feel the need to involve the reviewer's mother in any way, shape or form as part of your reply.


Anders said...

Gotten any reviewers comments lately, Willster? Mmh?

Wilhelm said...'d you guess?

I've only dealt with two sets since I got back from vacation though

Anders said...'d you guess?

No reason. Just a wild stab in the dark...

Wilhelm said...

...scratch that; I've gotten three sets of reviews since I started back up after the summer