Wednesday, December 19, 2007

RIP Muddy Waters

Just got the news that my favorite beer joint and blues club from when I lived in Oslo, Muddy Waters, is closing after 8 1/2 year. The club is to be a part of yet another mall. Like Oslo needs a one more mall, even next door to GlasMagasinet. What a shame. I have some really good memories from that place.


Wilhelm said...

Sorry 'bout that broski.

You should have a Jägerbomb to celebrate the memories. Pop that collar, open those shirt buttons, spike that hair, flaunt that fake gold necklace, flash that Brolex and have a Jägerbomb to commemorate the occasion.

You hung out there often?

Anders said...

Well, I wasn't the person who went out on town every night, but if I went out, it was to Muddy Waters. MAybe just to grab a beer and listen to what-ever live music they had that night (often Norwegian up and coming bands)or I went there when some semi-large blues international blues act came to town (saw Sonny Landreth and Lil' Ed Williams there, both who I know you love, W. *g*).

But since I don't live in Oslo anymore, it doesn't bother me that much. The club was so small that I probably wouldn't have bother flying over just to see any of the band they used to book.