Friday, December 7, 2007

Norway's Got Talent

In a staggering display of Grand Theft Originality, the Norwegian TV network TV2 is gonna launch the same concept as "America's Got Talent" - named "Norske Talenter" (Norwegian Talents). For those of you not familiar with the concept - it's a talent show which compiles all the essential aspects of Idol, Celebrity Dancing and other shows. They claim that if you've got some kind of talent, you can audition and possibly have the chance to win half a million NOK. As has been proven through the American version, you can get pretty damn far if ya can freakin' juggle, so they might be right about this one. Still keeping with the American tradition, the Norwegian judging panel is going to consist of a bunch of has-beens - like "comedian" Thomas Gjertsen. For reference, the American version has David Hasselhoff, some dude with a British accent and Brandy of the 90's sitcom Moesha. Big whoop.

Auditions for this show start in January, so it'd almost be interesting to show up claiming "bionanotechnology" as my talent. Or claiming to have downright demonic skillz in statistical thermodynamics.

Other talents I'd like to see on the show include:

  • Owning people on da intanet
  • Ability to drink hot coffee really fast
  • Biggest ego-to-skills ratio
  • Meditation
  • Frequently abducted by UFOs while sleeping
  • Biggest realtor douchebag
  • Championship level comb-over
  • Ability to re-enact scenes from Lord Of The Rings or Monty Python
  • Most rambling anecdotes
  • Worlds largest midget

Other "talents"?

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Pigeon said...

jager bombs !!!!!!!!!!