Thursday, December 6, 2007

Legendary Iron Warrior of Steel

Tonight as we ventured to our gym to do our thing, we witnessed first hand an Unstoppable Force of Nature. To set the scene - the night was dark and cold. A wind was howling across the gym parking lot, sending icy chills down the spine of us mere mortal gym franchise customers. As we made our way past the counter, up the stairs and into the area designated for weight training, the leg press machine came into sight. The machine was stacked with more wheels than a car chase scene in Smokey And The Bandit - there was nary any room to load more weights onto the machine. We could sense that an Epic Iron Warrior was seated on the machine, the recycled air filled with the electricity of anticipation, and the Mighty grunts and Snorts from what obviously must be a Legendary Conqueror of Steel - no mere mortal would be brave to load the leg press to capacity and expect to wield the excercise with impunity. Although the Brawny Beast was not in our sightline, we just knew that he was a swole monster. Strong was his Steel, Dark was his Mind, Carmine the Ground that he Treads.

With a mighty roar, the Warrior unhooked the safety, and started grinding out reps, all the while grunting and screaming. After completing a mindboggling six reps with 15 cm range of motion, he let the Unholy Weight crash back onto the safety with a mighty roar. The Warrior, whom for his demeanor ought to outsize both Dorian Yates and Lee Priest, arose from the conquered apparatus, invisible suitcases at the ready, and gave the room a staredown whilst sporting a mighty growl.

What did the Epic and Brutal Warrior look like, you might ask.

Wait for it.............

Waaaaaaaaaaaiiiit for it


BBBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!! Take a look at this Hunk of Man!!!!

Freakin' nerd! This picture is pretty close to what "he" looked like, though


Anders said...

Where did you get my picture????

Good stuff. On a Friday and all...

Wilhelm said...

Check out the laser-like intensity of that stare.....

But the guy looked a lot like this monster.