Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Economy of Content

Two days ago, I received the "Sum Total" of the immense pedagogical knowledge amassed by us poor mortals from the Infinite Fountain of Wisdom bestowed upon us from our Immaculate Pedagogical Instructors. Specifically, I received the only measurable output of the course besides a nifty diploma - a Collection of the Pedagogical Development Project Reports from my "class". This document is about 200 pages, and after browsing through it, I'm quite frankly amazed by the fact that it doesn't hover above my desk from the complete lack of actual content it contains. Economy of style is a concept that has its place, what I'm witnessing here is Economy of Content, which makes for a very nice slogan but little else.

I can't help but wonder - if I spent the rest of my life searching and travelling around the world - would I find anybody who cared about what's in this document? Apparently I can exclude our instructors, seeing as how I can verify that nobody have actually opened and assessed any of the numerous documents I have turned in since January.

Does this mandatory course serve any other purpose than providing jobs for a seemingly vast number of pedagogic faculty members and their administration? The search goes on.


Anders said...

200 pages, eh? You should include it as an attechment for all your future applictions for grants or jobs. It will garantee success.

Wilhelm said...

Maybe I should've pointed out that only 25 of these pages contain my contribution to the overall progress and development of pedagogics in institutions of higher learning.

You should be able to use the document as a flotation device, though.