Saturday, October 13, 2007

The simple joys of getting your stuff published

I just got an article accepted into one of the major/primary journals of my field, and I'm really excited about it. Writing articles happens to be one of the things I enjoy the most about my profession, and the unbridled joy of having gotten one of my manuscripts past the gatekeepers of science, aka the reviewers, is something I hope I never grow too blasé or whatever to cherish. Consequently, I always get excited when my work gets accepted, but getting this article through the system was especially satisfying. This ain't the most prestigious journal I've gotten things accepted into, and it's not the most extensive dataset, but this article is special.

It doesn't matter what the topic of the article is, or which journal was gained access to. What matters is that it's by far the article I've put the most time into. I started data collection for this one back in December 2005, and the final data points were collected early last month for the revised version by my excellent collaborator and friend Ø to da H. The first written version emerged late 2006, and we submitted the first "final" version to the journal in June 2007. We got the "revision" letter in August 2007, submitted the revised manuscript after lots of work and cursing on September 21st, and got the "accepted" verdict on October 12th. Almost two years in the making. You bet I'm excited!


Anders said...

Hey, congrats!
Took it's time, but it is very nice to see the fruit of long and hard labor. And it's good that the collaboration with the H-man finally materializes into something.

(And I'm not even gonna make my "Simple minds, simple joys"-joke. Opps, seems like I did anyway).

Wilhelm said...

Thanks, bro!

Yeah; me and Single H is gonna get PAID, 'cause we've gots our $hit together, you know what I'm sayin'.

The Big Hit still lingers.....