Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Grudge

...saw about 30 minutes of this 2004 movie on TV yesterday. Sarah Michelle Gellar does not necessarily ensure quality, and neither do any of the other actors, like Bill Pullman. 30 minutes was plenty.

This is supposed to be a scary movie, and in this respect it fails miserably. That freakin' kid with the cat-like meaow-noise that appears every now and then is more annoying than scary, and if you consider the long stretches of "dialogue" that precedes each new "scary" incident, this is snoozapalooza. Not to mention the sheer level of low-budget crappiness that seeps through every scene. If this movie scares you, then you should know that combining LSD and speed is really bad for you. Like 'Cube says, "Check yo'self before you wreck yo'self."

If I had more than two hands, I would add to the "Two thumbs down" I can give the movie at present.


Pigeon said...

I think we stopped the movie after 15 minutes for that one.
For once we agree on something

Wilhelm said...

..but you saw the meowing goth-kid, right?

Anders said...

All I hear from this post/ comments are:
W: - Man, that The Grudge flick was scary. Even with a soft pillow to support and comfort, I only managed to see 30 minutes before I had to turn it off.
P: - Yeah, it was so scary I had to hide under the bed after only 15 minutes. 30 minutes? Dude, you're one though b@stard!
W: - Dude, did you hear that cat-like sound? Freaked me out. I had to sleep with the lights on for two nights!

Guys, I have to ask: What did you expect from a Sarah Michelle Gellar flick? Can you even mention ONE decent movie she's played in? I have to check her SLJ-factor when I have time. It surely must be 0 or lower (yeah, it shouldn't be possible to have a negative SLJ factor, but if anybody can make it, it is SMG!)

Wilhelm said...




LMAO. Good one, Anders. Mad translation skillz!

My only defense is that it was on TV, and VH1 Rocks was more than a half hour away......

Pigeon said...

Damn it you greek waiter !!!!!