Friday, October 19, 2007

The Moron Paradox

Ever notice how it's possible to start out with the best of intentions or to project a view that agrees with your own weltanschauung and then balls it up because the presentation or the underlying reasoning is whack? The end result: the message gets lost and you might even end up strongly disliking the messenger. There are people out there with the ability to talk about issues you care deeply about, and even conveying a corelated view, but all you can think of is how you'd rather see that person on the back of a milk carton than talking to you. It's possible to be that much of a moron.

How did I start thinking about this? I saw a douchebag with a T-shirt displaying two images, and a short description above each image. The description above the two images was "Good Bush" and "Bad Bush", respectively.

The image below the "Bad Bush" text was a picture of President George W. Bush. The image below the "Good Bush" text was not. Neither was it an illustration of garden variety shrubbery.

Way too few people spontaneously combust due to activation by pressure differences between the in- and outside of their skulls.

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Anders said...

yes, sometimes I can't believe what kind of t-shirts people can wear in public. Even if the message is "good". And if you should make a joke about the (at least) dual meaning on the presidents last name, you must be able to come up with something better then that.

Btw, if you want a shirt with dual meaning, this is a good one:
I would wear that! ;-)