Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Carl Hiaasen...

..has been dubbed "America's finest satirical novelist" by the London Observer. The New York Times has compared him to Woody Allen and Preston Sturges. The back cover blurb described him and the novel like a modern day Raymond Chandler. Also, my flight was delayed, and I needed some more reading material.

What I'm trying to do here is justify my purchase of the book "Strip Tease" by Carl Hiaasen one Tuesday in the last weeks of September. It looked cool - it honestly did. Today I Googled the author after finishing the book, and found out that the movie "Strip Tease" starring Demi Moore and Burt Reynolds was based on this book. In retrospect, I should have guessed that. This is a politically correct fiesta of Oprahisms like "All Men Suck", and I'm thinking that if you liked the movie, you're a big fan of shows like "Desperate Housewives" or "Sex & The City" and you've got more than one t-shirt with the slogan "Girrl Power" on it, you'll like this book. I'm not denying that the book is very well written and good at times, particularly when it involves Shad the Bouncer (inexplicably played by Ving Rhames in the movie).

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