Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Movie Review - The Battle of the Red Cliff (or Chi bi, as it's called)

So I checked out the John Woo film Red Cliff. As I've understood it, this movie is based (and I use that term lightly) on some actual events in China's history. The basic plot is a classic one: The warlord Cao Cao invates two southern regions of China, which joins forces against Cao Cao's waste army of 800 000 men. Wastly out-numbered, they make their final stand at the Red Cliff, hoping that brilliant war strategist Zhou Yu and the fact that Cao Cao isn't used to naval warfare.

What can I say. The plot is so classic it's almost a cliché. But I'm a sucker for those epic acient battles, and add mr. Woo's signature slow motion splatting, and you got yourself some good entertainment for the evening. Thumbs up!


Wilhelm said...

Unless I'm severely mistaken, this is one of the movies we considered watching in the cinema this Spring. Never got around to it though, as we instead opted to watch the Nick Cage-fronted disaster movie with a name I've successfully repressed. So it's watchable? On a scale from 1-10, 1 being "Nattevakten" and 10 being "The Big Hit", where does this one land?


Anders said...

A seven, perhaps? Yeah, old Nicky C. ain't like he used to be.

Wilhelm said...

....tru, tru

Hah - I snuck a Nattevakten diss below the radar :-)

Anders said...

Just assumed that you referred to the bastardized American version. As you do when you refer to pizza...

I let it slip since you included The Big Hit.