Friday, October 30, 2009

Blues tune of the week

Ending this segment of weekly blues tunes with an all time favorite band of mine, none other then the little old band from Texas: ZZ Top. I could have picked a lot of tunes from this band, but I settle for a cover of Stop Breaking Down Blues (no bonus point for guessing the original artist). The reason I went for this tune, is that it featured together a live version of Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings on a CD single in the 90's, and it really restore my faith that ZZ Top still have some more great tunes in them.

Douse that light, enjoy and have a nice weekend!

(Sorry, Wilhelm, I was planing on Just Got Back From Baby's, but couldn't find any clips of it.)


Wilhelm said...

Nice pinched harmonics.

This is the last installment? No Lonnie Mack? No SRV? No Albert King? No that guy who sounds and plays a lot like SRV that's not Kenny Wayne Sheperd?

Anders said...

I can always find an opportunity to post videos of those artists (sans the Kenny Wayne Shepards and Johnny Langs), but I'll end the weekly posting here. Don't want to clutter up the blog too much.