Sunday, October 18, 2009

Blues tune of the week

A modern classic, expanding the blues genre in I way that I love, one of my all time favorite artists and guitarists: Rainer Ptacek - Don't Know Why. A rare, previously unreleased music video (I've never seen an official music videos of Rainer, so I guess any video is previously unreleased), but I sure feel that they've manage do make a decent video on a very low budget. And this is a great version of the tune, which I don't think have been released on audio.

Enjoy, mi amigos!


Wilhelm said...

..hey..that didn't suck so bad.

Which is actually meant as a compliment, seeing as how Rainer is one of teh two artists in your record collection I've got the hardest time listening to...

Anders said...

Yeah, that's actually a huge compliment coming from you. Maybe because this tune is more of a "blues ballad" then pure blues?

Wilhelm said...


It was actually meant as a compliment, believe it or not.

I kinda' got a "City Boy" vibe from it, for whatever reason

Anders said...

I was serious as well. I took it as a compliment, since your normal respons would have been something with "out-of-tune moaning and foot stumping". ;)