Friday, June 5, 2009

Norwegian craftmanship

When we bought a stroller, we went with the Norwegian brand Simo after much deliberation. The reasons being that it has a reputation for being sturdy (plus four wheels for better winter handling), and it is Norwegian which holds the dual benefit of us supporting domestic industry and also that spare parts, if needed, will be close in proximity and thus quick to get a hold of.

So much for our reasoning; approximately two weeks ago we discovered a design flaw in the chassis and had to get a new one, and today the release-mechanism on the bag started falling apart.

Annoying. All the way annoying. Maybe they should've stuck with carving out trolls for tourists or knitting traditional Norwegian sweaters rather than manufacturing stuff that's supposed to have longevity.


Anders said...

You had a perfectly good, semi-celebrity-owned Emmaljunga going through your hands a some time ago. Only flaw was that according to Swedish test authority, it was a death trap for the baby. But only after the baby was old enough to sit up; before that everything was fine.

And you let that on slip though your fingers, eh?

Wilhelm said...

..exactly like the time I had a chance to purchase one of Dimebag Darrel's guitars, just a couple of months prior to his passing away.

Exactly like that

Let's join hands and sing the chorus to "Cat's In The Cradle", shall we?

Anders said...

Yeah, exactly like that.