Tuesday, February 10, 2009

If he floats, he is a witch.

According to a selection of christian faith healers, Snåsamannen is being hypocritical when he criticizes healers (like themselves) who are charging for their services. The chief inquisitors among the healers (Misjonen Jesus Heler and Misjonen Helse for Hele Mennesket) have compiled the following list of heinous crimes committed by Joralf Gjerstad a.k.a. Snåsamannen:
  1. The accused does not charge for his healing services
  2. The accused has held down a full-time job and now is the beneficiary of social security
  3. The accused has received voluntary monetary gifts from people who have employed his services. Said gifts have been put in a fund for charitable purposes.
  4. The accused has been criticizing christian faith healers and others for charging for their services
  5. The accused has stated that he does not believe in the concept of Hell

They're kidding, right? A bunch of self-proclaimed devout christians are getting down on someone who has not advertised his services, does not charge for said services and has held down a full-time job thus adding value to the society as a whole in addition to helping people in his spare time.

How dare he cut into the profit of christian faith healers and others who look upon healing not as a fringe practice but as a hard-core business concept? 'Cause it's not like they can accuse Snåsamannen of being a fraud........

Instead of speaking in tongues and getting all hopped up on sulfuric vapors and one-upmanship on what kind of torment awaits in the afterlife for everyone but them, the two competing (in that they both charge for their services) organizations responsible for the criticism - Misjonen Jesus Leger and Misjonen Helse for Hele Mennesket - should worry about this attack being a very real justification for an anti-trust lawsuit.

Oh; and if you can't be bothered to read the article in adressa, it's hardly necessary. Roughly, the arguments put forth by the christian faith healers can be translated into English as "You'll ALL be sorry when the mothership behind the comet arrives!"


Anders said...

Not saying anything about Snåsakallen, but...
...isn't this like con-artist beeing pissed off at the con-artist who doesn't take moeny from people?

And, maybe it's just me, but "christian healers"? Isn't believing that you can heal people.. ..you know... ...eh... BLASPHEMY!!!!! ?

Wilhelm said...

.....there's a K-town joke in here somewhere ;-)

Anders said...


Wilhelm said...

..really? You don't see it?

Here, I'll give you a big hint:

isn't this like con-artist beeing pissed off at the con-artist who doesn't take moeny from people?

Cross-reference this with a statistically overrepresented population in K-town, and see if you get the joke

Anders said...

...statistically overrepresented population in K-town

There are many overrepresented groups in K-town: People on welfare, drug addicts, alcholics, etc, but I assume you're talking about the grouop that's the biggest outlier of them all...

Wilhelm said...

..you betcha' :-D