Sunday, December 28, 2008

This scares teh everloving crap out of me a relatively short while ago I was googlin' a childhood friend I haven't had any contact with for ages, and I came across a blog entry titled "My Secret" at what turned out be The story was as follows:

A newly wed couple wants to have kids, but nothing happens. They are told by specialists in two countries that the problem resides squarely with him, and that the odds of them conceiving "naturally" are 1:100 000. They were told of alternative methods, but didn't want any of that, because "if God wanted them to have children, He was powerful enough to make it happen." Fast forward a couple of months, and the wife surprises her husband by showing him a home pregnancy test showing positive results. They go back to the specialist, who's awestruck and "appears to be in disbelief of the test", but nine months later a baby boy is born.

A couple of years later, they want another child, and go back to the same specialists (despite having no faith - pun intended - in the conclusions to be had there). This time, they measure zero activity, and give odds of 1:30 000 000 for conception. They talk adoption briefly, but he won't have any of it. "God sees our needs, and if He feels that another child is right for us, He is powerful enough to make it happen." Same thing happens a couple of months later; the wife presents her husband with a positive pregnancy test, and nine months later another baby boy is born. Glory be to God and so on.

The story ends by the blogger stating that he does not know why God has chosen to bless his family so amply, but that he can't think of any other reason for these two miracles than the almighty God providing these two miracles.

There are plenty of commenters as well (22 as of today) ,and all of them echo the conclusion of the two aforementioned children being the result of divine intervention.

This major-league terrifies me. Just to summarize here: Dude is told that his boys can't swim, and that they've got 1:100 000 of becoming pregnant the old-fashioned way. Then his wife comes to him shortly after and presents him with a blue stripe, followed by a baby emerging nine months later. A couple of years later, the experts measure zero activity, and the same thing happens. The ONLY conclusion is that "The Lord must've done it".

Am I the only one who'd start shopping around for dna tests?

Not a single one of these true believers brought this up as a possibility; every single one of them - including the proud father - saw this as proof positive that Faith Manages.

How I hope none of these people have any jobs where they have to analyze data. Luckily, I know of several religious and extremely competent scientists, or I'd develop a severe bias. As my North Carolinian friend Ryan used to say: "Trust in God. Everyone else pay cash"

These people scare me. Looking at some other stories over there regarding homosexuality etc. don't do anything to dispel the fear of stereotypical Christian fundamentalists/extremists.


Anders said...

You should stop googling.

Wilhelm said...

Are you sayin' that googlin' ain't for me, and that I should focus on less cerebrally taxing activities such as what I normally fill my days with?

Anders said...

All I'm saying is that there is a lot of scary stuff out there, and that you're a sensitive guy. ;-)

Wilhelm said...

Beyond here, thar be monsters