Saturday, December 13, 2008

Results GQ5: Jumping the Shark - Round 2

Quite teh awesome average this time around....and some indications that December is a way busy month..... The songs were:
  • Song 231: Theme from Knight Rider. Before they made t-shirts about not hassling the Hoff, David Hasselhoff was the costar of Knight Rider. I'm saying costar, because arguably his acting skills ranked third of the most featured cast, after Kitt the computer and the freakin' car chassis.
  • Song 232: Theme from the A-Team. I pity the foo' who didn't get this.
  • Song 233: Poison - Life Goes On. Long hair, spandex and lipstick. And power ballads.
  • Song 234: Cranberries - Zombie. Apparently it was the law for cover bands to have this song on the set list. Damn that pitch-shifted vocal thing the singer does is annoying. Cool riff though.
  • Song 235: Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit. Or Wild Thing, as Jimi Hendrix and before him The Troggs used to call this song. This song and this band more than anything represents packaged rebellion and how the music industry made everybody wear the same outfits, listen to the same music issued by the biggest record labels and have the kids think that they were actually rebelling against corporations. Thanks a lot, Kurt Cobain.
The Score after Round 2 looks a li'l like this:
  1. Sondre (10 points)
  2. Cathy/Nils/Torbjørn (tied at 8 points)
  3. ...
  4. ...
  5. Marius/Pigeon (tied at 6 points)
  6. ...
  7. Anders (2 points)
The Total Score
now stands as:
  1. Cathy/Nils/Sondre (tied at 14 points)
  2. ...
  3. ...
  4. Pigeon (12 points)
  5. Torbjørn (8 points)
  6. Marius (6 points)
  7. Anders (4 points)
Congrats to Sondre
and good luck with rounds 3 and 4!


Anders said...

For people remembering the 80's, this round was a walk in the park...

Wilhelm said...

...but you were walkin' by yo'self? ;-)

Anders said...

Walking Thourgh The Park

I'm goin' out walking,
walking down through the park.
I'm gonna walk in the moonlight,
till the night gets dark.

Great tune! How can you miss out on a great tune like this in your guitar quiz, chief?

Wilhelm said...

..criminal negligence?