Friday, November 9, 2007

Nobel Laureate Scott Adams

Scott Adams makes excellent arguments for why he should win the Nobel Prize in whichever category. Frankly, his arguments far outweigh the reasoning for many a Nobel prize, as far as I'm concerned.

I'd vote for him.


Anders said...

My goal is to win a Nobel Prize. I’m not fussy about which one. ... I can rule out literature, because sooner or later the judges would read something I wrote.

I might win the award for medicine for telling my friend Steve that magnesium supplements would reduce the swelling in his knees after exercise. It worked for me and it worked for Steve. So if you need a placebo and can’t find sugar pills, try magnesium supplements. They’re like magic.

Making the Top 50 Thinkers list is to the Nobel Prize what beatification is to sainthood. It’s okay, but nothing you’d want to laminate and use as a coaster.

Priceless!!! Scott Adams rules.

Wilhelm said...

Scott Adams is a phenomenon