Thursday, November 22, 2007

My favourite artists or bands

After the list given by the norwegian newspaper of the biggets rock front figures, I thought that it would be fun to propose a list of my favourite artists, in solos or in bands.
I know that, by doing that, I seriously open a valve of sarcasms and criticisms but I must be masochist in a way so ... let's roll !!!!!!!!!!!my 29 favourites bands. If I have to make the list tomorrow, some would probably change though.

Radiohead: OK Computer is the perfect album. I've listened to that album at least 1000 times and I still like it.
REM: The perfect band. All the albums are good. Some are just excellent.
Massive Attack: The inventors of trip hop. perfect for the end of an evening
David Bowie: what can you say about him. Just the class. i had the chance to see him in concert in 2002, and I will remember that night for a long time
Damien Rice: just beautiful
EEls: My youth.
Interpol: The renew of indie rock
Smashing Pumpkins: indie rock at his best. Mellon Collie and the infinite sadness is such a great album. Also saw them in concert and it was just great.
Jeff Buckley: Bought his album more because it was cheap than a real envy and it was such a nice surprise. i still listen to it with real pleasure.
Queen: They made some bad songs in the 80's but so many good ones in the 70's.
Neil Young: the perfect career.
Arctic Monkeys: those kids rock !!!
Supergrass: super cool
Led Zeppelin: i don't care if they stole eveything v to da v.
Noir Desir: THE french rock band. With intelligent lyrics (some songs are in english, so you should try)
Air: Don't listen to journalists , french electro is Air not Daft Punk. The two bands are from my home city (Versailles)
Iron Maiden: Also my youth. but still a guilty pleasure. Will see them in concert next july.
Serge Gainsbourg: His 70's period is so great. That guy was a genious
Groove Armada: English electro.
The Beatles: because they invented everything
The Chemical Brothers: English electro too
Pink Floyd: Some concepts albums just perfects
Pulp: Jarvis Cocker is a fanatastic song writer
Arcade Fire: very energic band
The Strokes: they always play the same song, but I don't care I like it.
Venus: The best belgian band
Marvin Gaye: Is it possible to not like him ?
Garbage: Yes I like Garbage !!!
The Pixies: My youth again !!


Wilhelm said...

The answer to your question is - yes. It's totally possible to not like Marvin Gaye.

Hope this helps

Pigeon said...

I meant when you're not an active member of the KKK.

Wilhelm said...

...well......I'm not and I don't

Hope this helps

Anders said...

Ok, I'll include my list tomorrow.

However, I'm surprised to see mr. Gaye on the list.

Btw, Grace by Buckely has kind of been ruined for me after all those people covering his version of Cohen's Hallelujah. I like that song, but now I seem to skip that song when I listen to Grace.

Also, if you're into Buckley, check out Living With The Law with Chris Whitley. Even Wilhelm can honestly say these two records hold the same quality level!

Wilhelm said...


Yes, this is true. I can personally attest to said two records holding up at the same quality level. You have my personal guarantee.

Anders said...

But seriously P-Diddy, you should check out Living With The Law. Trust me on this one...

Wilhelm said...

The Beatles: because they invented everything

...gonna have to throw you a big fat NO on that one, P. Didn't notice this before, hence the delay.

Exactly what did they invent?

Take your time, then get back to me