Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Hey Pigeon!

As per your wonderful insight I watched an episode of Californication because - according to your estimation it did have a story beyond T&A and sex.

No dice, tiger - two minutes didn't pass without a mention of cunt, buttplugs, blowjobs, coochie, etc. And no person exited a scene without either wandering off to get laid or to masturbate.

If ya still stick to your hallucination that this show actually carries a storyline, then I guess you refract reality through a different lens than us mortals. I respectully decline the invitation to join in your hallucination, "big guy".


Pigeon said...

Yes but you have to watch all the season to really appreciate it.

Funny that you still listen my advices !!!!!

Wilhelm said...

I know - the fact that I listened to your advice at all is total self-ownage.

I mean - you're french and everything

Pigeon said...

my old office mate had the perfect insult for me (at least in your view I guess)

Son of a french

Wilhelm said...


That's golden, brutha