Monday, May 18, 2009

Basic internet use FAIL

Let's say - hypothetically speaking of course - that you worked at a university and someone from within the system included you on a weekly mailing list that you found to be annoying and desperately wanted out of. Would you: a) Hit the "Reply" button and write a message expressing your wish to get off said mailing list in more or less polite terms or would you b) Send an email to the clearly listed person responsible for the list with the same message.

Bonus: If you opted for what was behind door a), would you also follow that up by hitting the "Reply" button at least once more complaining about all the spam mail you kept getting because of this mailing list? If so, you could be one of my esteemed colleagues, many of whom hold professorates within math, physics and information technology and thus ought to be familiar with the basics of email software.

Oh, and:


Anders said...

....does the "spam" include a bunch of people saying "stop sending this to everybody on the list"? Love those.

Wilhelm said... know it, brutha'