Saturday, November 15, 2008

Results GQ4: Deguello - Round 6

This round had a somewhat lower average score than what I anticipated. The songs were:
  • Song 206: Michael Sembella - Maniac. She's a maniac, maaaaaaaniac on the dance floor...and she's dancing like she's never danced before.......from the otherwise crappy movie Flashdance, of course. The main lick here isn't exactly made for guitar, so I had to tap that sumbitch. Seeing as how the fantastic Greek true/power metal band Firewind has made a cover of this tune, I added the somewhat heavier backing track. The note-per-second expanded lick towards the end I added because I felt like it. So there.
  • Song 207: Rainbow - I Surrender. The solo from "I Surrender", to be more precise. None of y'all were even close here. Ritchie Blackmore can't get no love from youse people?
  • Song 208: Scorpions - Winds Of Change. Most of y'all managed to follow the Moskva down to Gorkij Park, listenin' to the winds of change. In the mid 90's, I was beyond tired of playing this tune. Still am, as I discovered when I recorded this.
  • Song 209: ZZ Top - I Need You Tonight. Awesome tune, and hellishly difficult to nail the rhytm guitar sound without getting too much frequency overlap with the lead. Didn't quite manage, as Anders can testify to.
  • Song 210: Santana featuring Rob Thomas - Smooth. Megahit from the time when latino pop/rock and Creed reigned supreme.
It's reckoning time, and the Round 6 scores are to be doled out:
  1. Torbjørn a.k.a. T-bombz (6 points)
  2. Pigeon (5 points)
  3. Anders (4 points)
  4. Cathy (3 points)
  5. Sondre (2 points)
  6. Marius (0 points)
The total score
after round 6 looks like this:
  1. Sondre (34 points)
  2. Torbjørn a.k.a. T-bombz (33 points)
  3. Pigeon (30 points)
  4. Cathy (28 points)
  5. Anders (25 points)
  6. Marius (18 points)
Congrats to T-bombz
and good luck with rounds 7 and 8!

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