Saturday, November 22, 2008

Enough is enough

We totally caved in today. For a couple of weeks now, we've had an increasingly hard time of traversing the ~1.5 slippery and icy kilometers from the main road to our house. There are three major 90+ degree turns and one speed bump to traverse - all while climbing pretty steeply - before we get to the final plain and turn down to our place. Ever since we moved to Trondheim, we've rolled with regular snow tires, but today we had a hard time getting up our own driveway, so we loaded up the car with our summer tires (which were due for replacement come Spring anyway) and left for getting proper snow tires. With spikes this time - the biggest and most pointy we could find.


Anders said...

We totally caved in today

You spin-less wuzz!

I find it freaking annoying: Everytime I've bought a set of spiked snow tires, the local government has introduce a fee for driving with spiked tires the year after.

And it's also annoying to drive around on spiked tires for å whole winter season, when there is only a week or so worth of icy roads. Those spikes wear pretty fast when driven on dry asphalt.

Wilhelm said...

...on the plus side, the 1200 NOK we have to pay for a season's worth of driving on spikes is a small price compared to skidding into other cars or getting in accidents, both of which seemed all too real when the snow set in at our new place.

Anders said...

I agree. The thing about the fee that pisses me off, is that I don't have all the information (about cost) available when I made the decision of buying spiked tires.

I'm more POed about that fact that the mild winters at the west coast ("Give it up for the West Coast Massive!"). Most of the winter is dry asphalt, where spiked tires are out-performed by regular show tires (or even summer tires at times) and the spikes are worn down pretty fast. But then there is a couple of days with snow, followed by snow-melting in day-time and freezing during night which results in icy roads in the morning where nothing but spikes will do. Curses!

Wilhelm said...

You can always roll in style with chains.......

GOLD chains would outperform spinenrs and rims every day of the week