Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Up, up and awaayy

We're going away on vacation for about two weeks, so talk to y'all soon.

I'll probably see you in about a week though Anders, right?

Enjoy the rest of the summer


Pigeon said...

Have some nice vacations dude !!!!

And Anders Congrats for your wedding, you're joining the club !!!!
Have fun and don't drink too much lol.
Best wishes

Anders said...

Yeah, Wilhelm. I was kind of counting on seeing you very soon.

Thanks, pigeon. Does this club have some kind of secret handshake? If so, I gotta learn that one. ;-)

Wilhelm said...

Yeah; it's a secret handhska....and we also start any and all telephone conversations with WHAZZZZZUUUPPPPPPP!!!

It never gets old..

Anders said...

hska? You've been driking again, have you?

Wilhelm said...

Whatchu' talkin' about, Anders? I ain't never drunk nuthin' nohow