Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Few good career moves are made in airport bathrooms

Senator Larry Craig (R) of Idaho has been in a great bit of trouble lately, in which he is basically being accused of having pulled a George Michael. Being charged with alleged lewd conduct in a public restroom in the presence of a law officer, that is.

The salacious details here of course lie in the fact that as a staunch Republican, Sen. Craig has voted against same sex marriage, but now he finds himself "accused of being gay". And that's the problem, because his "defense" is to go out in public and deny that he is gay, not to say that he's sorry for breaking the law.

If you read the arrest report found in the link, you can see that the evidence is less than overwhelming, and yet his Republican colleagues do nothing to support him, but rather exclaim that this is a serious matter. The Senator has plead guilty to the charges, so that leaves two options. Either he's A) getting in trouble for having broken the law, or B) he's catching seven shades of hell for being a gay senator. Those are quite fundamentally different things, and I sincerely hope that the answer is alternative A, although knowing a little bit about the conservative American culture..........

No matter what his sexual orientation might be, I'm sure he'll think twice before trying to get any action in a public restroom, though.


Cathy said...

Ok, so he's getting some "action" in a public restroom, whatever, it's harmless...even if against the law. The real problem is he's an hypocrit, thus , not to be trusted...he shouldn't be a Senator, but then again, maybe that's the whole point.

Cathy said...

I didn't even think to mention that the BIGGEST problem is him being homophobic, but I guess that's obvious.

Wilhelm said...

Not sure how much campaign money an honest politician can count on rounding up.

"So; if y'all give me money, I promise that I won't bail on you or stab y'all in the back unless it's in my best interest or unless I just feel like it".

Not a deal-closer