Sunday, August 26, 2007

Trouble in paradise

So apperantly there is a huge number of forest fires in Greece. According to the news (I had to check the Norwegian papers, since I can't read Greek and the hotel hasn't informed us), this is quite serious, and probably due to arson. However, I did see some fire helicopters tanking in the sea outside of us a couple of days ago. Be they were gone after two days. As I understand it, the situation is worse around mainland Greece. Hopefully we won't see any of these here at Crete.

Edit: After further reading, it seems that things are just getting worse. The Greek government has offered an reward on 1.000.000 euro for the catch of the arsons. So far, it seems that no fires has started on Crete, as I understand it.

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Wilhelm said...

Yeah; that right there sucks something massive. If they catch any of the arsonists, they should get the texan treatment for sure.