Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Martin Kolberg

I've got TV2's Tabloid on in the background right now. The topic is - surprise, surprise - "radical" islam and the fact that Labour/Arbeiderpartiet's Martin Kolberg appears to have jacked more than a few pages from Siv Jensen and the Progress Party's agenda.

Be that as it may; I'm seriously wondering how someone like Kolberg ever made it to televised debates. Is there anyone in the universe less charismatic than him? I'm betting that automatic door openers don't even register his old and wrinkly ass - dude probably has to wait until another person comes to enter the premises.


T-bombz said...

Good old Martin!

He claims to have broken the Frp code (whatever THAT means), and now copies their politics.

I cannot believe that noone has told him that Frp rises in popularity every time he speaks!

Wilhelm said...

I agree - seems dude hasn't quite figured out that by playing their game, he's also giving FrP the huge advantage of experience + (for lack of a better term) moral high ground, as it's clear for everyone but Kolberg that they're ripping them off

Wilhelm said... this case, FrP is Queen and Kolberg is Vanilla Ice

T-bombz said...

I'd say he's Milli Vanilli?

Wilhelm said...

Rob or Fab?

T-bombz said...

God, you actually know their names??

Anyhoo, I guess either of them will do.

Wilhelm said...

..well; one of them is dead and the other one is alive, so I guess it kind of matters

..I possess way too much useless trivia knowledge for my own good

T-bombz said...

I guess the dead one is most similar to Kolberg when it comes to vitality.

Wilhelm said...

..hard to disagree there, Chief

..Rob Pilatus, then