Wednesday, July 2, 2008

No More Mr. Nice Guy

I just realized this mornin' that I've been thoroughly owned by a weasel of a grad student from another group. Approximately two weeks ago, this grad student came to me with a technical question regarding how to improve certain properties of the materials he was working with. This is not unusual at all, and I spent a little time discussing things with him and making some suggestions for how to make the necessary adjustments. Weaselboi said thanks and was on his way.

Yesterday morning, I noticed that a small congregation was headed into one of the meeting/seminar rooms. Among them were the grad student bastard, his advisor and two prominent people from a hyooge company. I didn't think much about it, as it's quite common for research groups at this department to have close ties to industry.

You're probably way ahead of me here, right?

Yesterday's meeting went on for quite some time, and as I walked into the meeting room this morning, I noticed some schematics on the blackboard. Specifically, I noticed something familiar - an almost exact replica of the modifications I'd been discussing with him. yet somehow, I don't think my name was thrown around alot in the discussions with the industry bigwigs.

In short, I got played like a 25 cent harmonica at a folk music festival. I was absolutely Steve Jobs to the weasel grad student's Bill Gates. I was totally a nonpaid industrial consultant in this situation.

If that skinny runt shows up with more questions, my suggestions are probably gonna involve some anatomic impossibilities. No more Mr. Nice Guy. I'll be sippin' that Haterade from now on.


Anders said...

With reservation on the slim chance that your name was dropped several times in that meeting and you getting credits in his major thesis: What a lowlife!

Anders said...

Btw, are you saying that you got owned? It wasn't quite clear in your original post...

Wilhelm said...

I know - I shoulda' been more clear. I'm saying that I got owned like a 1995 Hyundai Elantra in Russia

Wilhelm said...

..and welcome to the world of academia, btw.