Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Good news/Bad news duality

Sometimes you have the distinct feeling that when some cool opportunity comes along in your professional life, there's a catch of at least equal magnitude. Recently, I was headhunted by a prestigious British university to fill a faculty position at a newly established institution of higher learning. The start-up packages were great, buildings and labs were brand new, and the salary they offered at this new university was - well - significantly higher than what I have now. Several other faculty members at my department were also contacted. The catch: This newly started university was in Saudi-freakin'-Arabia, and the London university in question had been commisioned with finding suitable candidates. Apart from this tiny detail, everything about the offer was both legit and good. Pretty big for a detail, though.

Yesterday, I got an invitation letter to join the Editorial Board of a scientific journal within my field. That's really cool for someone as fresh off the boat in the academic world as I am. So what was the catch this time? It is an open access journal, which for someone just starting up in academia means that it amounts to about as much on my CV as a photo of me in a do-rag and a sleeveless, white tux Hulk Hogan style. Not that such photos exist.

Actually; considering that being a member of the editorial board of a journal with no impact factor entails quite a lot of work without any upside, I think those photos might do my career more good than said offer.


Anders said...

I think those photos might do my career more good than said offer.

Yes. Go for the photo, Wilhelm. A carreer change is good, isn't it?

Seriously, although I don't know how special or serious these offers are, it does mean that your work is noted. And that is good news.

Wilhelm said...


It is kinda' cool, but not something I can take up in my present situation (concerning the open access thingy) or ever (moving to Saudi Arabia).