Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull



So, I went to see new Indy flick last weekend. Of course I had to, since it does have some nostalgic value as I have seen the three first ones.

They really had the mood of a Indiana Jones movie from the first second. Indy alone against a bunch of bad guys, with a couple of friendly helpers. The bad guys this time were the Russians, which would have been a really old cliche, but since this movie is at the begining of the cold war, it's appropriate. And the lost myth this time is the infamous El Dorado. Works OK, but I do feel that the movie has a bit of the "sequel-disease": Everything has to be bigger, faster and with more humor. Actually, all these years I was hoping for a Indiana Jones avdenture to Atlantis. That would have been cool.

Anyway, the flick is an OK watch. Harrison Ford is doing one of his signature characters, and instant of trying to make Ford younger, they've made Indy older. The danger is of course that we have an old geezer with a whip running around in the jungle, but it works. Indy still has it. Storyline could have been better and some of the side kicks isn't as good as the previous movies, but all in all, the movie doesn't bring shame on the Indy saga.


Wilhelm said...

Glad you liked it, Chief.

I never liked any of the previous IJ movies, so I'm gonna steer clear of this movie anyways. Can't really put a finger on why I don't like them, but I suspect Steven Spielberg has something to do with it.

Anders said...

Yeah, I have to admit that Indiana Jones does have an nostalgic factor. Not at the level of Star Wars, but still enough to make me wanna seem them.

Wilhelm said...

The bad guys this time were the Russians,

Was there an extended period in history wherein the Russians were NOT the bad guys?