Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mexican flu vaccine reality check

Yes - I much prefer the American name for the new flu.

As the vaccines are becoming available for the general population, there's still a lot of debate within the population about whether or not to actually get vaccinated. A pro and con list meant to guide you to a decision can be found at

Below said list you can also read what a fine selection of the populus feels about the vaccine. A staggering number of people argue against vaccination due to the possibility of side-effects, e.g. from the mercury-species it contains. Sure - all the other vaccines we take also contain the same species, but that's somewhat overlooked.

The irony is that among the naysayers who whine about possible side-effects you'll find - statistically speaking - a significant number of smokers, as well as people who regularly drink moonshine or have tried recreational drugs like X, both of which have at best sketchy quality assurance protocols.

So; if you don't want to take the vaccine due to the possibility of unknown side-effects yet smoke regularly or have tried moonshine or home-made recreational drugs at some point in your life: know your role, shut your mouth and get your ass to the back of the bus.


Anders said...

The VG link is interesting reading. Not the article/ list, but the comments. It seems that a relative large fraction of the people who are negative to the vaccine, have ticked off the wrong "For" or "Against" box in comments section. But I course, I trust that the people have read up enough on their medicine/ chemistry/ statistics to make an informed decision on whether to take the vaccine or not. You know, since ticking of the right box is obviously more difficult...

Anders said...

Btw, that reminded me of this.

Wilhelm said... sad, but true :-)