Saturday, January 24, 2009

Partial redemption

Last Spring/early summer, we bought Craig Whitson's book on proper American barbecuing - "Far Lukter Svidd". All signs were go; dude's a legit American, he's been to cook-offs and is Aftenposten's BBQ go-to guy. More importantly, the book was rockin' recipes for proper buffalo wings, blue cheese dressing, ribs and other delicacies you can't really get in Norway. TGI Friday's is the closest, but since we don't have that particular franchise in Trondheim and friggin' Egon can't make anything remotely resembling buffalo wings, I decided to get the job done by my very lonesome. If you want the job done properly, etc.

Enthusiastically, I bought like five kilos of chicken wings and whatever else was necessary, followed the recipes for buffalo wings and blue cheese dressing religiously, and ended up with a product that made Egon's wings and dressing taste like freakin' Ruby Tuesday's products. Barbeque fail. After some research on the good ol' interweb I tracked down a recipe for buffalo wings which is absolutely workable, but my faith in Craig Whitson was seriously shaken.

This Christmas, we got his first book as a present - "Far Heter Daddy" - which touts lots of classic American recipes, including a quite different one for wings. While I haven't tried that one yet, we have tried his recipe for chili con carne, and damn is it ever good. After some modifications, it's hands down the best damn chili I've ever tasted. Partial redemption for Craig Whitson, and inspiration enough to try some more of his recipes.

I know, I know - it's not like Craig Whitson and his fat Okie ass is gonna give a damn whether he gets my approval. All I know is that I've got a kick-ass recipe for chili con carne.

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